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The erosion of Brazilian commercial preferences in Latin America

New RB&Aís working paper, made together with FIESP and ICONE, which compares the commercial preferences conceded to Brazil in the ALADIís ambit with those received by the USA from Chile and Mexico, the largest economies in this block. This study assesses possible losses in Brazilian exports margin due to the American free trade agreements with Mexico, in the NAFTA deal, and with Chile, in the USA-Chile Agreement.

Global Presence
We are associated with Albright Stonebridge Group, a global business strategy firm founded by former US National Security Adviser Samuel R. Berger and US Ambassador to Brazil Anthony S. Harrington. The firm help U.S. and other multinational companies shape and execute strategies to solve problems and seize business opportunities worldwide. A Washington-based firm, Stonebridge has assembled the highest quality team of specialists with deep experience working in key countries in Asia, Europe, and Middle East.

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